About SSI

SSI-Japan was established in January of 1986 in Japan and it specializes in computer software development and system consulting.

In December of 1993, the Symbiosis Systems, Inc, a U.S branch of SSi-Japan, was established with the support of Symbiosis International, Inc. Symbiosis Systems, Inc provided necessary hardware and software for computer systems for Japanese companies located in Southeastern states of the U.S.

It dealt with numerous business needs such as the construction and operation of enterprise management systems, network construction, Y2K problem correspondence, homepage production and manual translation, stock management, utilization of barcodes, EDI systems, ERP systems, inventory control systems, and the use of a Japanese-English O.S. computer.

In January of 2003, a brach office in Tennessee was established. In September of 2004, affiliations with Symbiosis International, Inc., was terminated. At the same time, SSI-America was established, its goals being to offer superior services than before. In addition to former services, SSI-America now offers consulting and accounting services, and as well as other services such as leased circuit laying and communication establishment.

Name  - SSI America Corporation

Address - 2627 Bluebird Circle, Duluth, GA 30096

President - Tetsu Yamaoka

Establishment - September 2004

Capital - 10,000,000 JPY

Correspondent bank - SunTrust Bank

Business - Software development (Windows, UNIX) manual production
System consultant (business accounting business and the like)

Customer - IBM Japan, Ltd. Novell Japan, Ltd. Sanyo Electric Co. and Ltd 
Sanyo Electric Gas Deveices Sales Co. and Ltd etc.


TEL: 770 522 0026
FAX: 770 522 7504


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